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Retreat to a quiet oasis of luxury and serenity at The Pala Villas, where timeless elegance meets natural beauty to create an unforgettable experience.

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The Pala Villas: Your Exclusive Sanctuary

At The Pala Villas, we pride ourselves on building brands which focus on delivering a stellar service experience with our proprietary blend of opulence, comfort, and hospitality. Plan your next vacation, wedding, or special event at any of our properties.


The Pala Hospitality

Welcome to The Pala Villas, where luxury meets the enchanting allure of our Indonesian heritage. Derived from the Indonesian word for nutmeg, “Pala,” our brand name pays homage to the rich history of the spice trade that once placed Indonesia at the heart of global commerce.

Founded on the principles of exclusivity, elegance, and comfort, The Pala Villas seeks to redefine luxury hospitality with our blend of modern designs and traditional Indonesian aesthetics. Our story is woven into the fabric of an island that has captivated the world with it’s natural beauty, hospitality culture, and famous spices. Each property is a sanctuary of comfort and sophistication, promising a stay that transcends the ordinary.

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Bath in The Pala Pandawa
Deck view in The Pala Pandawa
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The Entrance Pathway in The Pala Pandawa


Your Escape Awaits: Choose Your Sanctuary at The Pala Villas​

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Explore the allure of The Pala Pandawa, perched on a clifftop with magnificent views of the Indian Ocean. Or indulge in rice field and forest vistas beside the holy Pakerisan River at The Pala Ubud.

Pandawa Cliff Estate Logo White

Blends six-bedroom luxury, breathtaking ocean views, and event-ready spaces atop Bali’s Bukit peninsula.

The Pala Ubud Logo White

Five villas with breathtaking views of rice fields, the river, and the forest. A stone’s throw away from Ubud’s city centre


Culinary Excellence Awaits at Hura Restaurant

Hura Hura Logo
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Indulge in the fusion of Indonesian and Italian cuisine at Hura Restaurant, where each dish is a celebration of flavors and innovation. From gourmet breakfasts to romantic dinners, our restaurant enhances your stay with a gastronomic journey that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Hura Restaurant Inner View
Barramundi main course served in Hura Restaurant

Weddings & Events

Love & Celebrations:
Crafting Memories at The Pala​

Weddings & Events at The Pala are always magical experiences. Whether it’s a dreamy wedding with the Indian Ocean as a backdrop, or a corporate retreat along the holy Pakerisan River, our venues set the stage for once-in-a-lifetime memories.

Floating Breakfast

Start your day in pure delight with our floating breakfast at The Pala, where every bite is a blissful moment surrounded by breathtaking views.

Romantic Dinner

Indulge in enchanting meals under the stars, as you enjoy our unique culinary creations amidst beautiful vistas.

Balinese Spa

Originating from the island of gods, Bali, Balinese Massage is a harmonious blend of traditional techniques and holistic therapies to soothe your spirit and uplift your soul.

Wellness Yoga

Elevate your well-being by participating in yoga sessions and personalized wellness activities tailormade just for you.

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Immerse in The Pala's Signature Experiences​

From floating breakfasts to romantic candlelit dinners and traditional Balinese spa, each moment is crafted for an extraordinary stay, redefining the art of indulgence at The Pala.


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